Tibia Bot Compatible with BattlEye

A bot that thinks like a person, analyzes the screen and makes decisions.

100% free!

A few things we’re great at

Our software works with artificial intelligence to interpret a user playing normally, Some of its features are:

User Friendly

Our software was designed for the newbie player, while keeping in mind that it would also be used by experienced users. So everyone can create amazing scripts and waypoints!


EyeBot although it captures the screen continuously is fast and responsive. You can run an instance of the bot or use multiple functions without slowing down your computer.

Auto Actions

You can execute automatic actions like “Anti paralyze”, “Auto Haste”, “Auto Mana Shield”, “Cure Poison” and others actions.

Healing Rules

You can create multiple healing rules to heal in any circumstance.

The Healing Rules

Heal Range

It is the range of hit points your character must have to perform the healing.

Mana Range

It is the range of mana your character must have to perform the healing.

Span Ranges

It is the range of time your character must have to wait to execute the healing one more time.


It is the condition to execute the healing, you can choose: Nothing, Is hasted, Is paralized and among others.

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Auto Actions

Auto Haste
Auto Mana Shield
Anti Paralize
Auto Cure Poison

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